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Learn why people trust wikiHow. Learn more Jack up the vehicle. While some wheel covers can be installed without removing lug nuts, you may often find that the lug nuts on your wheel are intended to help hold the wheel cover in place. If need to remove the lug nuts on the wheel, first loosen the lug nuts, then jack the car up.

Place jack stands beneath the vehicle once you jack it up for safety. Remove the lug nuts. Use a tire iron or socket wrench to completely unscrew the lug nuts holding the wheel onto your vehicle. Set the lug nuts aside for you to use when mounting the wheel back onto the vehicle.

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Be careful not to misplace any lug nuts. It is not safe to drive your vehicle with fewer than the provided amount of lug nuts. Line up the ring indent with the valve stem. The retention ring on the back of the wheel cover will have an indentation in it, as well as a hole through the wheel cover in the same area.

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This gap is intended to allow the valve stem to pass through the cover for you to access when adding air to your tires. Many wheel covers will have a drawing of a valve stem on the back intended to help you identify where the valve stem passes through.

Press the wheel cover directly onto the wheel. With the valve stem properly aligned through the wheel cover, press the wheel cover directly onto the wheel. If you did not need to remove your lug nuts, the wheel cover should pop into place and not come back off the wheel easily. The wheel cover should not feel loose, nor should it be easily pulled off. Screw on the lug nuts. If you removed the lug nuts previously, use your hands to thread each nut onto a lug stud passing through the wheel and wheel cover.

Once you are confident the lug nuts are properly threaded, use a wrench or tire iron to tighten them.

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Be sure all lug nuts are tight before attempting to drive the vehicle. Place the wheel cover face down. Line up the bend with the valve stem notch. The retention ring will have a bend in it designed to allow the valve stem to pass through it. Line that bend up with the hole in the wheel cover that is also intended for the valve stem to pass through.

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If the ring is not lined up properly, it will mount on the wheel cover, but will not be able to mount on the wheel itself. Press the metal ring downward onto the first few clips. Use your thumbs to press the ring down onto the clips that will hold it in place.

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