Obama born hawaii birth certificate

But Trump's trail of tweets since shows he wasn't willing to let his "birther" beliefs and the conspiracy theories spawned from the movement die down even after that birth certificate was made public. Trump resurrected the issue in early when he tweeted: "Made in America? Made in America?

BarackObama argues that his long form birth certificate is irrelevant in court. Let's take a closer look at that birth certificate. BarackObama was described in as being "born in Kenya.

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Via BreitbartFeed --why doesn't BarackObama release his original book proposal which says he was born in Kenya? In August , Trump doubled down, tweeting that an "extremely credible source" called his office and said Obama's "birth certificate is a fraud. An 'extremely credible source' has called my office and told me that BarackObama 's birth certificate is a fraud.

A year later, in August , Trump said he deserved praise for talking up Obama's birth certificate. He also tweeted about conspiracies that Obama's birth certificate was a "computer generated forgery" and that a state health director who verified the document "died in a plane crash" while "all others lived.

White House Releases Obama's Birth Certificate

All others lived. The following year, Trump wasn't done congratulating himself about Obama releasing his birth certificate, tweeting in June that "Hillary couldn't, McCain couldn't.

2008: Obama first faces questions about his birthplace

Always remember, I was the one who got Obama to release his birth certificate, or whatever that was! Hilary couldn't, McCain couldn't. But then, he also called on internet hackers to find Obama's college records to "check 'place of birth. Attention all hackers: You are hacking everything else so please hack Obama's college records destroyed? Politics Election. What is the knee jerk public to do?? Oh, R. I can't decide if Obama really thinks this will settle matters or if he's doing it just to pour more fuel on the Crazy Fire.

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I wonder why no one raised the same question about John-M? After all he was born in Guam, a US territory. Why does birthplace even matter? If George-Bush's mother took a step into Canada during birth would that make him any less American? Like-wise I know of immigrants who would die for this country and natives who want this country to die, who would be more American?

Personally I think some heavy vetting, some IRS book-keeping, and a literacy test should be a sufficient requirement for presidency.

Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate

And for those who argue on the legality of the State of Hawaii during the day of his birth I just like to say no problem! Let's impeach that guy in the oval office just as soon as we tell every Hawaiian born in the same time span that they aren't natural Americans. Political discourse is welcomed in a true democracy. Yet, the toxic stew of rabid partisanship, nativism, and racialist hysteria, ultimately fueled the birther movement.

Initially, it was not necessary for the President to lower his stature in order to defend himself from such stupidity. However, with the obtuse rants of Pat Buchanan, Donald Trump, and others - each giving legitimacy to the outrageous questions regarding Mr. Obama's birth and "academic credentials" - it became increasingly clear to rational and decent Americans that the President had to make a stand and put an end to such nonsense. Sadly, this episode merely confirms what some African-Americans already knew : race has, and always will, remain the dark stain of the nation.

Apparently, graduating magna cum laude from Harvard Law school is not enough. Attaining stature as a United States Senator just doesn't cut it. Nor, incredibly, will becoming President of the most advanced country on earth suffice. So, the eternal question remains : Black Americans have always pledged allegiance to America, but at what point will ALL of America pledge allegiance back?? Obama always had his long form birth certificate that he could produce at any time to refute his doubters. That being so it was easy and profitable enough to let his doubters throw themselves against the wall.

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Then see who and what turns up. Quite a lot it seems. I never doubted that Obama was born in Hawaii, but I wondered why he didn't just show a tiny ounce of Presidential Leadership and release the original birth certificate. As he showed today it was simple and easy enough. Its seemed for over two years Obama, rather than behave like a President, decided to use the issue for partisan political advantage by trying to link Republicans to the fringe who thought it was an important issue.

Of course, with Donald Trumph bringing mainstream attention to the issue it looks like Obama realized his silly political game was now reflecting very badly on him. Everything with Obama is a crude Chicago Ward style calculation. There doesn't seem to be an ounce of statesmanship or Presidential Leadership in him. For you liberals that think this pice of garbage that obama says is prof of his legally holding office.

In a black person race on any legal document was known as Negro or black not African.

The birth of the Obama 'birther' conspiracy - BBC News

And you don't have to be a photoshop expert to see that the people that put this forgery together could not being themselves to use the terminology used in for race of black people. The political correct African American did not surface until the late seventies or eighties. Oh and by the way Africa is a continent not a race.

The sad, almost amusing irony is that this 'birther' myth was the deceptive diversion of the Clinton camp leading into the presidential primaries. It's not a 'tea party' or 'right wing conspiracy' thing at all. In fact, it may be the case that these groups are simply being agitated and are not the agitator; the disenfranchised Clintonistas within the Democratic Party itself may be the agent provocateurs.

Nonetheless, perpetuating this is simply unnecessary political noise no different than 8 years of rancorous chorus of left wing conspiratorial prognosticating about Halliburton secretly running the country. In both cases, distractions from utter lack of economic strategy and budgetary discretion to get the US ship out of troubled waters completely underscore the need to overhaul party leadership of both parties and under threat and duress of referendum on term limits if the debate does not become slightly more mature and on task.

Do you have any evidence to back up your claims that: a Obama's school records have been sealed, and b no one in Obama's graduating class at Harvard remembers him? If your latter point is true, then how did Obama become and editor of the Harvard Law Review - a position of great prestige and visibility? I am not a birther but there is a reason for all of this questioning about Obama's past.

No President in history has hidden his college records except Obama. No one in his graduating class at Harvard remembers him.

The birth of the Obama 'birther' conspiracy

His thesis has been expunged. If he got in to college on less than great grades because he is black, so what?

No one cares but why hide it? He has caused all of this by his secrecy. We know that Bush was a better student than John Kerry even though liberals would have him the dumbest person to ever graduate from Andover, Yale and Harvard's Business school on the planet. At least we know everything about him and Clinton down to his many women.